Details on Instagram downloader from Music Jungles

Instagram photo downloader and instagram video downloader from Music Jungles is a web application for downloading photos, videos from instagram in jpeg and video / mp4 format. Use this instagram downloader to download high quality photos instagram at 1080p full-hd quality. You can only download photos and videos authorized by Instagram to download once the owner of the photo or video has authorized the download using Instagram Downloader. To download the photo or video from Instagram, simply paste its URL / link in the text box above and click the "Download" button. So you can recover your favorite videos / photos.

How do I download a photo or video from Instagram to my computer?

1) You must have a valid Instagram photo or video URL (example:

2) Copy the instagram URL.

3) Paste the URL in the entry.

4) Information from the photo or Instagram video will appear.

5) The media photo/video will be available for download.

Instagram downloader privacy policy.

Instagram downloader allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram in the public domain for which the corresponding owner has granted download permissions. Before using this service, please read our "Terms of Use". By using musicjungles instagram downloader, you have accepted all the general conditions.


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